Dentistry Recommended Infection Control Practices

By on 7:32 AM

Despite revised guidelines and recommendations for dental office infection control for dental health care personnel there are ongoing reports of adverse events resulting from health care and dental personnel failing to adhere to standard precautions and basic infection control practices.

Infection Control Consulting Services (ICCS) is offering an initial free telephone consultation for  infection control dentists to find out what services they may need to ensure they are able to comply with the guidelines for infection control in dental health care settings including immunizations for HCP, safe injection practices and regulatory framework for disinfectants and sterilants and methods for sterilizing and disinfecting patient care items and environmental surfaces. 

Infection Control Consulting Services (LLC) can help your dental office with on-site visits to, bring the staff up to speed with latest guidelines, assess best practice recommendations and develop infection control programs for your dental office that complies with regulatory agencies and improve the processes for reducing your dental office risk associated with infection.


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