FDA Antibacterial Hand Hygiene Products Ruling for Consumers

By on 2:34 PM

Since December, when the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) announced a proposed rule regarding antimicrobial hand hygiene products which have been controversial for many years, evidence continues to show no benefit that antimicrobial soap products are superior to regular (non-antimicrobial) soaps.

For many years, key ingredients in antimicrobial soaps have been challenged and side effects questioned. The proposed rule is intended for consumers and not for the healthcare environment; however, questions by healthcare workers may arise and it is therefore important that facilities be informed. Note: Alcohol sanitizers are not involved with this proposed ruling.

The FDA at this point in time is not requiring companies to remove the soaps from their shelves but new conditions will be forthcoming based on the FDA's reevaluation of data.


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