Ebola Precautions at a South Florida Hospital

By on 10:25 AM

This past week, infection prevention expert Phenelle Segal received a call from a friend in the late afternoon asking if Phenelle could take her to the emergency room as she had just arrived back home from an international trip and had severe pain in her calf. Phenelle took her to a local hospital's emergency room as the friend's doctor was concerned she may have developed a clot in her calf due to a prolonged flight from overseas.

Upon hearing that this woman had been on an international flight, the ER staff put her and her husband, who had since arrived at the hospital, into a dedicated isolation room and outfitted them with a mask, gloves and faceshield. This precaution included her husband who was not on the flight. Once the patient's nurse and the doctor had assessed her, she and her husband were allowed to remove their protective gear.

The hospital was applauded by Phenelle for being proactive, and it tells the story of heightened awareness after two weeks of Ebola frenzy and fear.

View Phenelle's television interview with Ari Hait from ABC affiliate WPBF 25 serving West Palm Beach (Florida) where she shares the story about the hospital's drastic steps to ensure the safety of other patients and staff by clicking here.


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