Phenelle Segal of ICCS Discusses ASC Infection Control Surveyor Worksheet With AmkaiSolutions

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Phenelle Segal, president of Infection Control Consulting Services, a provider of infection prevention services to a variety of healthcare facilities and organizations, including ambulatory surgery centers (ASCs), discusses the revised ASC Infection Control Surveyor Worksheet (ICSW) with AmkaiSolutions.

Amkai is a subsidiary of Surgical Information Systems and a provider of electronic solutions to ASCs, surgical hospitals and surgical practices.

In the Q&A with Amkai, Ms. Segal addresses questions including the following:
  • What is the ASC ICSW?
  • Why were thee revisions made?
  • What are some of the more significant revisions ASCs should know about?
To read the Q&A, click here. To view the revised ASC Infection Control Surveyor Worksheet, click here.

One area of ICCS specialization is ASC infection prevention practices. If any ASCs have questions about the revised worksheet and how it may affect them, or other questions concerning surgery center infection control, contact Ms. Segal by filling out the form here, emailing info@iccs-home.com or calling (215) 692-3485.


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