New CDC Collaboration Seeks to Prevent Dialysis Bloodstream Infections

By on 8:51 AM

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has announced the launch of a new collaboration aimed at preventing bloodstream infections among hemodialysis patients.

The Making Dialysis Safer For Patients Coalition is comprised of healthcare organizations, patient advocacy organizations, industry partners, and other public health partners spanning the dialysis spectrum.

More than 400,000 people presently rely on hemodialysis care, and they are at risk of developing serious infections. As the CDC notes, the Coalition's goals are to:
  • facilitate implementation and adoption of core interventions through promotion, dissemination, and use of audit tools, checklists, and other infection prevention education resources;
  • increase awareness about the core interventions for dialysis bloodstream infection prevention through educational efforts; and
  • share experiences and findings through collaboration with other Coalition participants.

Dr. Priti Patel, medical director of the Coalition, said, "Dialysis patients are particularly vulnerable to infections. We want to get lifesaving tools into the right hands to make a real impact on patients' lives."


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