Lax Infection Control Practices widespread in Ambulatory Surgery Facilities

By on 8:39 AM

Numerous regulatory authorities including the Centers for Decease Control and Prevention have conducted nationwide investigations over the last 10 years for viral and bacterial infections and assessments of infection control and prevention practices in ambulatory surgical facilities.

The findings show that more than 150,000 patients have been exposed to viral and bacterial pathogens as a result of unsafe infection control and prevention practices in ambulatory surgical facilities. Results point mostly to clinicians misunderstanding or disregarding acceptable standards of care in outpatient settings, leading to infectious outbreaks of meningitis, hepatitis, abscesses and other infections.

Ambulatory Surgical Facilities

According to Phenelle Segal, RN, CIC President of Infection Control Consulting Services (ICCS) ICCS continues to see many events related to surgical site infections (SSI) and sterilization errors in ambulatory surgical facilities and continues to implement surveillance techniques and other targeted approaches to assist Ambulatory Surgical Facilities with addressing SSI and infection related events and best-practice infection control and prevention strategies.

ASFs click here to contact ICCS to comprehensively explore those infection control areas such that present the greatest challenges to you. ICCS can assist you with standardized educational programs for sterilization, sterilization and safe injection and other infection prevention and control best practices. 


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