CDC Issues Awards to Help Combat Antibiotic Resistance

By on 4:31 AM

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has announced the awarding of more than $9 million to support efforts to develop solutions and explore knowledge gaps about antibiotic resistance.

The money will go to 25 different investigator institutions, which include Infectious Diseases Society of America, Medical Research Analytics & Informatics Alliance, Cleveland VA Medical Research and Education Foundation, and a number of colleges and universities.

The awards are part of the CDC's Antibiotic Resistance Solutions Initiative. They are intended to expand the agency's approaches to combat antibiotic resistance related to areas including healthcare settings. As the CDC notes, antibiotic-resistant infections can be deadly and represent a growing threat jeopardizing modern medicine and the healthcare, veterinary and agriculture industries.

CDC noted it will work with investigators to:
  • Discover and evaluate new strategies that protect patients from resistance threats in healthcare settings and improve healthcare quality.
  • Investigate the human microbiome and pinpoint effective prevention strategies that protect people, their microbiomes and the effectiveness of antibiotics.
  • Examine the impact of antibiotic resistance elements in environmental settings , like surface water and soil, to determine potential downstream impacts on human health.
CDC said data from this work will also help protect people through initiatives such as detecting reservoirs of resistant germs, informing outbreak response and preventing future infections.

For additional information about antibiotic resistance and developing an antimicrobial stewardship program, read the following reports:
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Phenelle Segal, RN, CIC, FAPIC

Phenelle Segal, RN, CIC, FAPIC, is the founder and president of Infection Control Consulting Services LLC (ICCS). Phenelle has more than 30 years' experience providing customized comprehensive infection control and prevention services to healthcare facilities nationwide. Her services focus on assisting hospitals, ambulatory surgery centers, dental office and oral surgery practices, doctor's offices, nursing homes and other organizations with implementing and maintaining an infection control program that: complies with The Joint Commission, AAAHC, Centers for Medicaid and Medicare Services (CMS) and other regulatory agencies; respond to situations of noncompliance; and improve the processes for reducing risk.